Where our products use?

Strapping Machine;Screen Printing Machinery Industry;Automobile Industry;Firefighting Field;Medicine Field;Motor Train Industry(Opening Doors);Knitting Industry; Wood Working Machinery;Packaging Machinery,Etc.

How about the service and guarantee?

1.The warranty period is equipment installation and operation of Ten months ;Or Fourteen months from the date of delivery, whichever comes first.(All should be control under regular operation)

2.After goods delivery, when your company start the installation, according to the progress of the works and the owner’s request, our company sent rich experience, a strong sense of responsibility of the engineering and technical personnel to the scene to guide the installation, and solve site installation and commissioning in the relevant issues.

3.During the warranty period, the contract equipment is an improper operation, is due to the design, manufacturing, materials, components and cause the product to run correctly,our company will be free to repair and replace parts.

4.During the warranty period, replacement of parts or repair the charges as appropriate.

5.When the equipments failure, the users received the written request, arrange the service personnel to the site services. East China area is twenty-four hours, rest forty-eight hours to arrive at the scene.

6.The service content:
Free to provide advisory services;
Free guide to equipment installation and debugging;
Users pay a return visit regularly.

How about the history of PRIUS PNEUMATIC?

2005  Established with 15 staffs

2007  Had own brand XINYI

2009  Increasing the team to 60 staffs

2010  Developed the quality,aimed to be high-end&non-standard Pneuamtics manufacturer

2012  Builded new management team and R & D team

2013  Opened the market oversea and had the brand 11 for oversea market

2014  Increasing the team to 120 staffs

2015  Started to construct new plant

2016  Moved to the new plant


What is business philosophy of PRIUS PNEUMATIC?

The continuous expansion of the contribution to the society.
PRIUS‘s business philosophy is to improve the social contribution, so that PRIUS has become an indispensable business society. Thus, all members of the company will be through the program to improve the quality . ” As a member of PRIUS through work to make a contribution to society “, ” Not only to human,but also to natural, environmental and other natural things must cherish; not to the pursuit of material wealth but to the pursuit of inner filling as the center .”That is to say ” business philosophy ” is the fundamental business ideas, as well as hang into the genetic legacy of ideas.
Training for social contribution to the development of talent
PRIUS hope that all the members held ” by working to make a contribution to society .” ” It is not simply the pursuit of material civilization, but also should pay attention to enrich the soul ” the idea, by just the practical work in training talents. In various positions, in conform to local market, strengthen the competitiveness at the same time, actively recruit local employees, promote hang into the attention do contribution for the society of the corporate culture, to the long-term plan is to cultivate talents, to contribute to the development of local society.

With the international society to promote coexistence· co-prosperity as the theme of the activities of enterprises
In the sacrifice of the natural environment and human health on the basis of, in order to meet with the international community to hang into the coexistence and common prosperity, by creating employment opportunities and promote technology transfer, constantly throughout the world to contribute to economic development. In addition, we developed a henchman into members of object environment basic guiding principle “, to carry out environmental burden of aggravating the earth cut material and for other items of activities, development and manufacturing are in use or disuse of the environment burden lighter products, promoting the environmental protection career.


What is our R & D – Testing Center?

*Integrative testing system*Responding time testing ( max is 1000Hz)

*Flow testing (max is 2000L/min)

*To ensure delivery availability and delivery

*High and low temperature testing

*3D measurement testing


How about our Customization service?

Each customer is individual! In the future, customers requirements will have more and more diversification, what can we do for you?
PRIUS is able to provide personalized engineering solutions for OEM/ODM and other unique projects of end users.
Project Team
For each customization, we organize project team and work very closely with each customer from the beginning on.
22 33 To satisfy your requirements more directly
33 To involve you each step
33 To share all necessary information each other
33 To benefit you through continuous improvement process


Application Team

In addition, application team is prepared to be around you anytime, whatever commercial or technical issues.



How to arrive PRIUS?

1, By Air
250KM from Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) with 3h driving to PRIUS
150KM from Hangzhou International Airport with 1h40’driving to PRIUS
16KM from Ningbo International Airport with 25’driving to PRIUS

2, By Train 
2h from Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station to Ningbo Train Station
1h from Hangzhou East Train Station to Ningbo Train Station
Both with 40 minutes from Ningbo Train station to PRIUS

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